Strategic Plan Alignment

Name Description
GOAL 1, OBJECTIVE 1 Accelerate student achievement and academic growth through high-quality instruction and educational programming.
GOAL 1, OBJECTIVE 2 Ensure every building is led by highly effective instructional leaders.
GOAL 1, OBJECTIVE 3 Ensure every classroom is led by a highly effective teacher.
GOAL 1, OBJECTIVE 4 Partner with local and national experts to identify and implement evidence-based social and emotional programs and practices in every school.
GOAL 1, OBJECTIVE 5 Implement a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) in each building to provide support for all students.
GOAL 2, OBJECTIVE 1 Implement a coherent communications system and strategy.
GOAL 2, OBJECTIVE 2 Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to engage and inform our community, parents, students, and staff regarding District/school priorities and initiatives so that all stakeholders are engaged and have a voice.
GOAL 3, OBJECTIVE 1 Ensure that behaviors, practices and decisions align with our District Core Values.
GOAL 3, OBJECTIVE 2 Foster an environment that promotes a safe and positive culture.
GOAL 4, OBJECTIVE 1 Develop procedures to effectively recruit and retain highly qualified staff.
GOAL 5, OBJECTIVE 1 Identify and allocate resources which allows for transparency and ensures full implementation of the District Strategic Plan.